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Waste Management

Present Situation Of Waste Management

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Waste Management In many countries today, the local authorities, or the contractors appointed by them, are responsible for collection of garbage from urban neigborhoods.


Problems With The Present System

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  1. Problems with the present system of waste mangmentTracking these trucks and the personnel who man them is a problem for the local authorities. There is no way to monitor that garbage has actually been collected everyday.
  2. No way to verify the time taken to travel along every route, or to verify the time taken to collect say x number of bins of garbage every day.


RFID Solution Of Waste Management

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RFID Solution Of Waste ManagementEach waste bin or bucket has an RFID tag attached to it. Every garbage truck has an RFID reader attached to it.When the waste bin is lifted and emptied into the truck, the truck reader reads the RFID tag and transmits this data to the wireless handheld in the truck driver’s cabin.


Future Scenarios Of Waste Management

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GreeceIn Europe, a municipality in Greece has already implemented such a system and more are likely to follow. The attractiveness of the system will make other local city councils and municipal authorities to implement these kind of systems. It will improve governance, cleanliness and ultimately help the ecology. The ROl is very good, given the returns are not just in X dollars , but also have environmental side benefits.



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