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Anti-Theft Systems

History Of Anti-Theft Systems

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anti-theft systems 1In the past, the only anti-theft systems in place at supermarkets and large shopping malls were the CCTV (Closed Circuit TV ) cameras and watchful security guards. These were the only known anti-theft systems, which were effective enough in preventing shoplifting.


Present Scenario

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rfid secure

RFID anti-theft tags and systems were introduced about a decade back.Initially again, only jewelry shops, high end designer boutiques and similar “expensive goods” shops could justify the ROl.But now with falling prices of these systems coupled with rising costs of manpower, they are getting attractive and are now used in many of the large department stores, supermarkets and malls.


RFID Solution of Anti-Theft Systems

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Rfid tag

Each item to be protected is tagged with an RFID anti-theft tag, so those tags can be re-used in many cases.The tag is typically attached by a strong string or a plastic band or by other means (similar to a price tag, sometimes it is the price tag), to the item (say for example an umbrella).


Future Trends

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future trends for anti theft with rfid

  1. Almost all stores, including the smaller ones will implement this technology as costs of these RFID anti-theft systems keep falling due to better technology, higher demand and several new players in the market. 
  2. The rising costs of employing security guards to physically detain & frisk shoppers is not only expensive but, it is distasteful to the 99% genuine shoppers who are not thieves.The stores certainly do not want to alienate their honest customers by such crude methods of security.




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