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Gasoline Dispensing

Present Scenario Of Gasoline Dispensing

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Gasoline DispensingLarge bulk transporters who have fleets of trucks to carry their materials have to operate gasoline filling stations, located in their yards, where truck drivers can refuel their trucks. Consider the problem faced by a large cement company, who operates a large fleet of trucks. The trucks have to be periodically refueled at gasoline stations.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Rfid solution for gasAutomatic, fast & secure authorization due to RFID tags mounted on the vehicle itself. There is no waste of time when the driver approaches the filling station as there are no cards to be swiped.
  2. Gasoline filling station can be unmanned. Authorization is on basis of RFID tags and not personal relationships between truck drivers and gas attendants
  3. Keeps a near real-time track of trucks, gasoline filled and drivers, leading to optimized operations. Minimizes billing errors too. Allows daily reports an tracking, reconciliation of records between the trucking company and the gasoline company.

RFID Solution Of Gasoline Dispensing

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Rfid solution for gas dispensingGasoline stations which are part of the fuelling contract fitted with RFID enabled gasoline dispensing units. RFID tags are fitted to the trucks. When a truck approaches a filling station unit, the RFID reader recognizes it as an authorized truck and enables the driver to fill in gasoline.



Future Scenarios Of Gasoline Dispensing

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future scenarios of gas dispensingThis application is useful for not only fuel filling, but also for loading of road tanker trucks with chemicals, oil or even gasoline at filling terminals and tank farms. The same process described above can be used by a chemical manufacturing company for example to automate its loading and dispatches.Imagine the following scenario, which is now followed at many modern chemical processing plants.




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