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Blood Banks

Present Situation Of Blood Bank

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In thousands of hospitals across the world,blood transfusion is an every day business,but fraught with risks. This is, not only because contaminated blood may be transfused into an otherwise healthy patient, but also because he may receive the wrong type of blood altogether.



RFID Solution Of Blood Bank

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rfid for bloodThe RFID solution is to embed a tag into the blood bag label itself. The paramedic who transfuses the blood can scan the bag before transferring. He/she typically enters the patient ID number, or in a better system, the patient also has a wrist band RFID tag which identifies him uniquely.



Advantages Of Using RFID

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  1. adventages of rfidNo errors at all ,even in case of demanding and panic like situations. This itself can be said to be the ROl of an investment in such a system. Saving a few lives a year is definitely worth the cost of a few tags & readers!
  2. Can be used for other body fluids or patient dosages too, need not get restricted to only blood. For example medicine dosages, intravenous drips, etc.

  3. Offers traceability and tracking, can evaluate the actual level of patient care that is offered by the nurses, to upper management, by means of data collection. For example middleware can be used to match queries like “how much time did nurse Jensen spend between collecting the blood from the blood bank and transfusing it into Mr. Smith” and so on, which is invaluable to provide better quality of service to patients.



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