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Since 2011, RFID Pakistan is pioneer in implementing RFID Fixed Asset, Inventory, Warehouse & more Solutions in the Forces, Industries & Corporate Sector in Pakistan, Middle East & Europe.
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A Typical Scenario

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A Typical Scenario of RetailingA shopper casually walks into the store. She is glancing at interesting items and comes across a scarf (say costing $500—yes, it’s a designer scarf, remember?) the fixed RFID reader located some distance away notices and records this interest.If the shopper calls out to a sales girl (equipped with a “wand”) she can get all information about the scarf by waving her (magic?) wand.The wand reads the tag, connects wirelessly to the store database and displays information about the scarf on a large LCD screen somewhere nearby.


Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Investment FOR a successful future!
For plenty of businesses, Internet of Things (IoT) is now not simply a choice. It has ended up being a need. The efficient change of records between devices and machines is vital for them if they want to remain a success in their markets inside their destiny.
The IoT can boost up painting steps, save you errors and screw-ups in manufacturing processes and decrease fees.

Several regions of application are feasible:

  • IoT helps organizations in just-in-time production which regularly extensively reduces garage fees for production materials.
  • With the help of IoT, facts alternate between gadgets can perceive and do away with weak points in manufacturing at an early degree earlier than principal upkeep become essential.
  • IoT can help smart towns in routing visitors intelligently, for example, via smart traffic mild structures.
  • In logistics, IoT generation can simplify the identity of boxes and field contents.
  • With the assistance of IoT, access to corporation premises and keyless get entry to cars may be managed.

These are only some of the areas of utility for IoT. Get to know the Internet of Things RFID Pakistan now. We implement IoT systems for groups from an extensive variety of industries in addition to neighborhood authorities and different organizations. Find out the advantages of IoT solutions from RFID Pakistan.

Connected with several benefits: The Internet of Things

Some of the maximum popular gadgets to be had inside the IoT today are smartwatches and fitness trackers. They monitor important body features or sports activities and report information. Such wearables are beneficial. But, they're possibly not the IoT applications with the greatest effect on modern society. At the least as crucial are in-house IoT solutions inside the B2B zone and using the Internet of Things through federal states and municipalities for transport infrastructure.
The Internet of Things is more than just an innovation. It's miles revolutionizing the way of doing business, manufacturing strategies, and mobility solutions in smart cities. For corporations and local authorities, the Internet of Things is the ticket to a future that some unspecified time in the future guarantees achievement nearly solely for those organizations working with IoT solutions. Secure one of these advantages! We at RFID Pakistan will be glad to support you.

IoT Hardware for All Applications:
RFID Pakistan offers you RFID-based hardware which can be used to implement numerous IoT solutions."RFID" is an abbreviation for "Radio-Frequency identification" and stands for contactless data exchange between senders and receivers. Relying on the IoT technology used, the gap between the communicating gadgets can range from some centimeters to numerous meters. At RFID Pakistan, you can obtain high-end devices for industries and sectors, which include logistics, Industry 4.0, retail, and vehicle identification. For outdoor use in wind and weather, the hardware is robust and excellently protected against moisture and dust. IoT hardware from RFID Pakistan defies wind and weather and functions with the highest reliability even under difficult conditions.

The Heart of IoT: Our Software:
IoT hardware from RFID Pakistan is complemented by the IoT software suite CrossTalk. It is one of the most advanced programs for the management and configuration of AutoID and IoT devices and can serve as the central unit of your Internet-of-Things system. CrossTalk collects, processes, and distributes the data sent by IoT devices. The software enables convenient, easy device integration and is highly scalable. You invest in a system that adapts to every change in your business and is, therefore, suitable for every new challenge.

RFID Pakistan: We are IoT Experts!
RFID Pakistan is one of the leading international companies in the AutoID and IoT sectors. Our expert teams plan, install and maintain individual Internet of Things systems for customers from a wide range of industries and business sectors. The spectrum ranges from small solutions to highly complex systems. Among other things, we have

  • planned and installed an IoT system for vehicle identification on roads in Egypt,
  • realized automatic access control for company premises,
  • set up a system for an automotive supplier for efficient monitoring of the production process,
  • and installed technology in stores of a fashion retail company to optimize the availability of goods and checkout processes.

These are just a few of many examples where RFID Pakistan has supported customers in developing Internet-of-Things solutions. Find out about other interesting possibilities in our case studies or contact us directly to set up a meeting in person.

We look forward to hearing more about what you need.

Retail Management

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retail management


Retail industry including procurement, storage, package, handling, transportation, distribution, sales and service, which is a whole supply chain linked together. Companies must be in real-time and accurately grasp the changes in business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow. RFID technology can bring enormous benefits for retailers and suppliers and customers; it makes the supply chain system much more simple and easier, automatic tracking goods' status in an efficient way. In addition, RFID also provides advanced data collection methods to facilitate customer transactions, and efficient ways of operating, fast and insightful strategic decisions and more benefits which bar code technology cannot replace.


Problems With The Present System

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    • The staff has to scan the bar code with a reader and then get price and related information.Problems With The Present System of retailing

    No way for the staff to monitor the number of interested customers that pick up and merely examine an item, without asking any information from any sales staff.


    Advantages Of RFID Solution

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    1. Advantages Of RFID Solution for retailingThe sales staff have instant access to all item data with the wand.
    2. The readers located around the store can identify shopping patterns (probably a more pleasant area of the store has more footfalls).
    3. Customers can be upsold with additional items smoothly e.g. a matching necklace that goes alongwith the scarf?Enormous amounts of customer behavioural data can be collected and acted upon.



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