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Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

Problems With The Present System

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  1. Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) No system to really locate a person, even within a vicinity of a few hundred feet.This is really a big problem in case of a fire or other Disaster.
  2. One still has to carry out a physical head count.
  3. Once given a badge, a person can freely access any part of a large site which is not desirable because of safety and security.

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Adventages of RFIDA real time picture of all employees, contractors and visitors who are in the facility.
  2. One can know if a particular employee or contractor is spending more time in a particular area.One can see if a contractor has unauthorizedly accessed another area.


RFID Solution Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

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RFID solution for real time The RFID solution could be of many types. One could be just replacing the photo badges with RFLD proximity cards which require to be held close to door locks or other access control devices. These access control devices would have to be networked to a central computer to collect data on which cards moved through which gates.


Future Scenarios Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

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Future scenario of Real Time TrackingIt is utmost essential that personnel be located quickly in case of a disaster. In an infamous recent industrial accident, it was not known to the site management,how many own people were inside, how many contract workers were inside, whether they were safe, etc. It was a full two days before people were located. In view of these incidents, the authorities may make it mandatory to have such a system in place for all such high hazard facilities.



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