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RFID Solution Of Medical Surgeries

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Rfid solution for Medical surgeriesThe RFID solution would be to tag all such objects with RFID tags. They would be of different types, as the tags used for steel objects like scalpels and tweezers, would be different than for towels. However, the bottomline is, that all of these objects can be tagged. A “smart” surgical holder, is similar to a trolley having a lot of open shelves having multiple trays holds all of these objects.

This smart trolley has an RFID reader which remembers all the objects that were on it. After the surgery is over, the staff replaces all the stuff back on the smart trolley. In case, the number of objects is less than what the smart trolley had before coming into the operation theatre, it gives out an alarm, indicating that some towel or gauze is not put back. It may have been left inside! Once all items are reloaded back onto the trolley, it leaves the operation theatre to another department for cleaning and replenishment. After cleaning, the trolley is again loaded with a set number and type of items necessary and sent back to the operation theatre.




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