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Anesthetic Dosages

History Of Anesthetic Dosages

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Anesthetic DosagesIn medical operation theatres across the world, anesthetic dosages have always been a very critical part of the surgery, almost as important as the surgery itself.



Present Situation Of Anesthetic Dosages

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AnesthaticOnly one company has so far introduced this system and patented it too.About 4.5 million syringes are already being manufactured for this application in one year.

Problems With The Present Situation

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anethesiaThe present system of administration is imprecise.Also the volatile anesthetics that are breathed in by the patient leads to many a unpleasant side effects like a groggy feeling in the head, as the patient recovers (similar to a very bad hangover), nausea and vomiting.This in turn makes recovery slow and painful.


RFID Solution Of Anesthetic Dosages

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RFID for anesthesiaFor the dosages, the company eliminated the vials and came out with single use syringes preloaded with different dosages. Depending on the patient, the anesthetist had to choose which dosage would be most suitable and select the correct syringe accordingly.


Future Trends

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  1. future trends for anesthetic with rfidIf this product continues to show success then there is no question that other similar products with different applications will be introduced by other medical device companies. 
  2. As an astute medical practitioner can see that  this technique can be used for other dosages too, not just for anesthetics, but may be also for other drugs and medicines.
  3. Later on, if patients & hospitals find this technique results in a lot less failures  then the authorities may even legislate this into law as the only proven method for reducing unwanted incidents.



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