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RFID Solution Of Office Printers & Cartridges

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RFID solution for office & CartridgesEmbed an RFID inlay inside both the print cartridge and the printer. Before opening the seal, the printer’s RFID reader senses the cartridge’s RFID tag and displays a message on either the PC which is attached to the printer ,or on its own display (if it has one).


RFID Solution Of Plane Spare Parts

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RFID solution for plane crashesSomething like one thousand parts (amongst the several thousands that a plane has), are very expensive and critical to operations. These parts can be easily tracked using RFLD.


RFID Solution Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

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RFID solution for real time The RFID solution could be of many types. One could be just replacing the photo badges with RFLD proximity cards which require to be held close to door locks or other access control devices. These access control devices would have to be networked to a central computer to collect data on which cards moved through which gates.


Problems With The Present System

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    • The staff has to scan the bar code with a reader and then get price and related information.Problems With The Present System of retailing

    No way for the staff to monitor the number of interested customers that pick up and merely examine an item, without asking any information from any sales staff.




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    Application & Solutions


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