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Since 2011, RFID Pakistan is pioneer in implementing RFID Fixed Asset, Inventory, Warehouse & more Solutions in the Forces, Industries & Corporate Sector in Pakistan, Middle East & Europe.
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Applications & Solutions

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Rfid solution for gasAutomatic, fast & secure authorization due to RFID tags mounted on the vehicle itself. There is no waste of time when the driver approaches the filling station as there are no cards to be swiped.
  2. Gasoline filling station can be unmanned. Authorization is on basis of RFID tags and not personal relationships between truck drivers and gas attendants
  3. Keeps a near real-time track of trucks, gasoline filled and drivers, leading to optimized operations. Minimizes billing errors too. Allows daily reports an tracking, reconciliation of records between the trucking company and the gasoline company.

Problem In The Persent System

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  1. problems for hospital stores mangmentMedical Parts generally have a shelf life. This means that they must be used within a certain number of days of manufacture.
  2. There is no automated system at present to intimate or give warnings when the parts will cross their expiry dates, hence either a large number of parts may have to be thrown away before they are used, or worse, date-expired parts may be actually used.


Problem With This System

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  1. Problems of hotels and resortsIt is a pain for the guest to carry all this stuff all the time, in addition to taking care of other essential belongings like cameras.
  2. Besides vacation wear may be just a pair of shorts and a T shirt with no pockets, to keep anything at all.If you are a parent traveling with young children, then you have multiple such coupon sets to take care of.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Rfid for human surgeriesThere is no room for human error. Implementing the system means that the patient can be confident that nothing will be left inside his body after the surgery.

  2. The doctors and paramedical staff have one thing less to worry about. The smart shelf take care of it.





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Application & Solutions


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