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Since 2011, RFID Pakistan is pioneer in implementing RFID Fixed Asset, Inventory, Warehouse & more Solutions in the Forces, Industries & Corporate Sector in Pakistan, Middle East & Europe.
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Applications & Solutions

Problems With The Present System

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Underground SewersWorkers manually do the checking, by entering into manholes. They find it difficult to carry anything that they can record their observations on. They have to come outside and fill up forms, which are then passed on to repair crews.There is no way that a supervisor can be sure that a worker has done his job.


Problems With The Present System

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    1. Vehicle Identification A typical parking access pass is a windshield sticker that shows the times at which access is to be allowed, to which lot & valid upto a certain date.The sticker can get peeled off, smudged, defaced due to rain or bleached due to sunshine.


    Warehouse Management

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    Even there is WMS system for warehouse management, by the goods storage increasing, the requirement of efficiency and
    accuracy of management is higher and higher, which makes the current WMS not good enough for inventory management.
    UHF RFID system is an ideal solution to avoid the disadvantages and to increase the inventory management quality.


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    How it works?

    • RFID Solutions system is for integrated with both RFID and network communication technology.
    • Firstly each product in stock should be stick with a RFID tag, which is coming with globally unique ID.
    • In this solution, handheld RFID reader is for fast reading the RFID tag information and sending to server by wireless communication method quickly.
    • Fixed RFID reader is for access control, with circular polarized antenna to make sure the tag’s identification in multiple angles.
    • Developed software with our well prepared SDK.

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    Flow Chart:

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    Present Situation Of Waste Management

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    Waste Management In many countries today, the local authorities, or the contractors appointed by them, are responsible for collection of garbage from urban neigborhoods.




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    Application & Solutions


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