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RFID Solution Of Hotels & Resorts

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rfid solution for hotelsThe RFID solution is to issue an RFID wrist band to each guest, including children (other than infants). The wrist band contains an RFID tag. The wrist bands can be worn like watches and they can be made in any number of colors, designs and patterns. Also, they can bear the logo of the hotel or resort chain.

The wrist band acts like a door key as well as a coupon to all the facilities that the guest is entitled to.For example,

A guest detail can be entered into a database like the following : 

Guest Name—John Q Public
Room No —101
Dates/Time from 12/27/2006 14:00:00 to 12/29/2006 14:00:00
Breakfast: Yes, in coffee shop, on 12/28/2006, 12/29/2006
Gym : Yes,....
Casino: No
Pool : Yes, but only in morning from 0700 hrs to 0900 hrs.

This programming can be unique for every guest and therefore depending on the guests fancy, as well as the ability to pay, the hotel can work out infinite such tailored one of a kind package deals. Some guests may fancy the casino more than the gym and the health freaks may require at least a two hour workout in gym but no casino and so on.Now when the guest flashes his wristband near his room door, the lock reads the RFID tag inside the band, confirms with the central database that he is entitled to enter room 101 and the door opens.Similarly the coffee shop entrance has a large reader equipped to detect John’s wrist band and allows him access to breakfast.In the evening when John walks down to the casino, the doorkeeper can read on his reader that John is not entitled to free access here and politely informs him that he is not entitled to a free entry, but if he wishes to enter it, $50 will get billed to his room account, again, by just flashing his wristband.At all times, John just has to wear his wristband, with which he can also go swimming or skiing, since the RFID tag is embedded inside a plastic housing and cannot get wet or cold. Also, the hotel management can get data on his travels inside the resort. Large amounts of such data can then reveal how many facilities offered are popular and how many are not popular. These can then be revamped or shut down.As an additional benefit, the resort can offer guests infinitely varied packages by asking the guest to buy a pre-funded wrist band, loaded with say $3000 worth of services. The guest can then either play off this entire amount in the casino or down it all in drinks at the bar, it is entirely up to him. There need not be standard offers like AP, EP, bed and breakfast only, etc.



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