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Problem With This System

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  1. Problems of hotels and resortsIt is a pain for the guest to carry all this stuff all the time, in addition to taking care of other essential belongings like cameras.
  2. Besides vacation wear may be just a pair of shorts and a T shirt with no pockets, to keep anything at all.If you are a parent traveling with young children, then you have multiple such coupon sets to take care of.

  3. The coupons and access passes are misplaced when you need them, or you realize, when you reach the entertainment venue, that they have been left in your room.
  4. These resorts are quite large places and walking back to your room is quite a pain.The hotel staff has to issue and redeem these coupons and passes based on the tariff and meal plans or packages that the guests have bought.
  5. This manual system is not easy to manage at all.Reconciliation of used coupons with issued ones is difficult.
  6. Hence a lot of useful data (how many guests used which area at what time for what duration) cannot be had.The guests have to sign bills at various restaurants in the complex, to confirm services which they have availed of. For example if John Q Public downs three sundowners in the lounge bar, he is presented a bill,which he signs. This bill is then added to his room bill.



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