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Future Scenarios Of Gasoline Dispensing

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future scenarios of gas dispensingThis application is useful for not only fuel filling, but also for loading of road tanker trucks with chemicals, oil or even gasoline at filling terminals and tank farms. The same process described above can be used by a chemical manufacturing company for example to automate its loading and dispatches.Imagine the following scenario, which is now followed at many modern chemical processing plants.

An empty road tank truck arrives at the loading station gate. The security personnel sees the tanker drivers papers authorizing him to fill the tanker with the chemical say Benzene. He then issues an RFID card to the driver who then drives his vehicle to the benzene tanker loading terminal. He holds the card near the batch controller station’s RFID reader and the setpoint is automatically set by the controller based on his card. He uses the loading arm to fill up the tanker. This ensures that none of the chemical plant factory’s operators are involved in the loading, the truck driver cannot load excess quantity of the chemical and the entire operation with times are recorded in the batch controller and transmitted to the plants Central Control System. This may become the norm at all chemical plants, oil terminals, etc.



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