What Are The Advantages Of This Systems

  1. adventages of food safetyThe customer gets confidence in the product as the genuineness can be checked by herself.The customer pays the right price for the right produce.

  2. The store also creates confidence in its customers that the genuine stuff is being stocked and not some cheap imitations being passed off as real.

  3. The farmer gets a good brand image.

  4. Since the reader is integrated into the mobile phone, it is a painless process for the customers.

  5. Easy trace back in case of any problems. No need to sift through endless reams of paper data like invoices, packing lists, shippers lists, import declarations, etc of multiple entities in the entire supply chain. Just imagine, all this work just gets eliminated in a whiffl This will really help, in cases of public health scares when it is essential to trace the source of a particular scourge like an e coli outbreak in double quick time.