RFID Solution Of Food Safety

rfid solution for food safetyOne way of raising consumer confidence in the farm produce is by guaranteeing that a particular produce has been sourced from say an “approved” farm. This could be a way to verify that the “organically grown” produce has been really grown in an organic farm, not just labeled that way.

Let us take the case of the “organic” farm producer, say an apple grower. He is interested in somehow “stamping” his produce with his logo, which gives customers confidence that they are buying the right stuff. Hence he puts small stickers on his apples, they are packed in a box and shipped off.Unfortunately, stickers can easily be duplicated and they often are, especially when the produce is exported to other countries. The RFID solution would be to tag the carton with an RFID inlay passive tag which is accessible to customers.How? Does this entail the customers buying RFID readers? Thankfully not. A new application , which is being developed in Japan allows mobile phones to be used as RFID readers. Therefore any shopper in a supermarket, who wants to buy this carton of apples can point her mobile phone to the tag, scan it and read all the details.