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Problems With The Present Situation

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anethesiaThe present system of administration is imprecise.Also the volatile anesthetics that are breathed in by the patient leads to many a unpleasant side effects like a groggy feeling in the head, as the patient recovers (similar to a very bad hangover), nausea and vomiting.This in turn makes recovery slow and painful.

To have a better system, a leading pharma company came out with an injectable anesthetic that could directly be administered intravenously.The anesthetic is metabolized (broken down naturally) by the body over a period of time and the patient recovers fast without the typical groggy headed feeling of a large hangover.However there is a catch.To ensure that the anesthetic works well, the doctor has to be able to maintain the blood concentration at an optimum level.This means that the infusion has to be continuous at a rate higher than the rate at which it gets broken down.This rate is different for different patients depending on their age, body type and state of health.Thus! there are different vials for different types of patients and time duration of the surgery.The infusion of this anesthetic is done with a vial and the vial has to be infused in a syringe which is then fitted into the infusion pump.The anesthetist has to be absolutely sure of which vial is being loaded into the syringe.



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