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History Of Anesthetic Dosages

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Anesthetic DosagesIn medical operation theatres across the world, anesthetic dosages have always been a very critical part of the surgery, almost as important as the surgery itself.



This is because the right dosage of the anesthetic is absolutely critical. A very low dosage will result in:

         a.  The patient either feeling the pain.

         b.  The patient not remaining immobile (can move about) resulting in a botched surgery.

A too high dosage will however prevent him for moving forever (in other words he may get killed).Now to reach this virtuous mean is real a challenge and a test of skill for all surgeons and anesthetists.Many a times, anesthetics have been administered to the patient by making him breathe-in some form of a volatile vapor or gas before surgery.This really cannot be controlled precisely, again leading to overdosage or underdosage.



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