RFID Solution Of Yard Management

RFID Solution for yard managmentThe RFID solution is to go in for a RLTS (Real Time Location System). This involves installing a UHF system (operating at say 868 MHz). The UHF system consists of RFID tags of UHF type (long range tags), mounted on the containers themselves and a slew of powerful UHF readers, located around the perimeter of the yard.The readers are connected to a central computer database, which manages the system. When a trucker brings in his container, the gatekeeper issues him an RFID tag, which he affixes to his container. He is also given a GPS receiver which he keeps with him inside the cabin. His truck is now tracked by the GPS and both his containers, the one to be deposited and the one to be picked up are visible to the system. Because now the computer system knows where the container to be picked up is located, it directs him to the correct bay. He is told to deposit his container in say Bay BOl and collect the container in bay COl. Since at any given time, the system has a motion picture view of what is happening where, there are very little chances of mistakes.