RFID Solution Of Vehicle Identification

RFID Solution Of Vehicle IdentificationAn RFID tag (UHF with a long range) is affixed to the underside of a car that is to be allowed entry. An antenna positioned some distance away senses an approaching vehicle, sends data to a central server based system which decides if the vehicle is authorized and opens the gates.A record is also automatically made which enters date & time of entry or exit.There is no “booth” based security. A single security guard merely observes that the system is working physically and telephones in case of any mechanical problems like gate not opening,etc. Additionally a display can be provided near the gate, which shows information about the car, its pass validity, name of driver/owner,etc just as a verification for the security guard, to double check the system operation, as well as to detect if any passes were swapped. For example if a Cadillac approaches and the display shows the car to be a “Mercedes”, then obviously the tags of the Mercedes have been refitted (unauthorizedly) into the Cadillac. The guard can watch out for these things.