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RFID Solution Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

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RFID solution for real time The RFID solution could be of many types. One could be just replacing the photo badges with RFLD proximity cards which require to be held close to door locks or other access control devices. These access control devices would have to be networked to a central computer to collect data on which cards moved through which gates. While this is a viable solution for an office complex, it is not really practical for a chemical plant because most of the equipment, plants, storage tanks are huge and do not have any “doors” or “gates” to have access to them. Building gates at each such area would be counterproductive as regular plant operations personnel cannot move about freely and their work can get hampered. Hence in such areas a RLTS or Real Time Location System can be used effectively. How does this system work? An employee or contractor is issued an ID card with a powered UHF tag. The tag can be read from a distance of several metres. Visitors who enter the facility also get such a tag. There would be numerous RFID readers scattered all over the facility, which can simultanously read any number of such RFID tags moving in their vicinity. Once an employee comes in the range of a reader (say near a storage tank farm) he is automatically logged in that area.Once he moves out of range, he is logged out until he is spotted by another reader.



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Application & Solutions Application Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS) RFID Solution Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)


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