RFID Solution Of National Identification

RFID solution for national identification

A user typically has only a single card with an embedded RFID chip with a unique number. This RFID tag number then points to an online database which is accessed by a multitude of agencies. The same database can have all information related to the holder, including details like date of birth, whether allowed to drive (electronic driving permit),

whether entitled to social security benefits and a multitude of other attributes. Since this common database will be accessible to all regulatory agencies, in different views, it will be difficult for any one cartel or criminal group to access it and change ALL entries related to an individual.Thus the transport bureau can have access only to the Name, Age and whether allowed to drive fields, past driving violations cells in the table and not have access to other data. The immigration office can have access to other data like whether in country or out of the country, when arrived and left, passport validity, etc.

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