RFID Solution Of Museums


RFID solution for museumsThere is not one, but many RFID solutions to the problem. The first is to equip each visitor with a handheld device, which is really an RFID reader. The device can have a set of headphones connected to it. The main device can be kept in the pocket and headphones can be worn as usual. Each item bears an RFID tag.

When a visitor gets in front of the item, the reader senses this and relevant information (audio) is delivered to the visitor through the headphones. The handheld can also display some additional pictures and information about the artefact. It can also display a list and location of where in the museum similar artefacts are located.After the visitor leaves, the entire route that she takes and the time she spends on each artefact can be retrieved, which gives the museum curator or administrator some data which tells them which are the most popular items, what route does a visitor take, how much time is spent where,etc. The visitor also gets an enhanced experience.Additionally, the museum can also have a facility of sending the information (by email) about the artefacts in which the visitor showed special interest.

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