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Present Scenario Of Gasoline Dispensing

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Gasoline DispensingLarge bulk transporters who have fleets of trucks to carry their materials have to operate gasoline filling stations, located in their yards, where truck drivers can refuel their trucks. Consider the problem faced by a large cement company, who operates a large fleet of trucks. The trucks have to be periodically refueled at gasoline stations.

Typically the driver takes the truck to a fuelling station. Authorization is based mostly on personal identification by the fuel station personnel, which opens the system to misuse and unauthorized fuel fills.
The problems with the present system are:


  1. Scope for misuse as authorization is based on personal relationships.
  2. Difficult to repeatedly track information like which trucks go to which fuel stations, whether all such refueling trips are necessary, etc.
  3. Time gap between event occurrence and knowledge about it to management.



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