Future Scenarios Of Drug Pedigree

  1. future of drug pedigreeIf EPCGlobal and Big Pharma can pull it off together, they can ensure that everybody globally follows a standard set of Electronic Product Codes for prescription drugs. Since available EPCs are in the hundreds of thousands, this should not be a problem.
  2. Tracking can be enabled through secured connections using either dedicated telecommunication channels or the internet.

  3.  The only question is of funding. Here, the governments may mandate that all drugs passing through the country’s supply chain must demonstrate their pedigree & genuineness through EPC codes using RFID.
  4. Companies will realize that the savings due to anti counterfeiting measures like electronic pedigrees will far exceed the costs of setting up such a system. The paybacks would be achieved in a matter of months. Once this realization sets it, it will lead to a rapid deployment of this system.
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