Future Trends

future trends for anti theft with rfid

  1. Almost all stores, including the smaller ones will implement this technology as costs of these RFID anti-theft systems keep falling due to better technology, higher demand and several new players in the market. 
  2. The rising costs of employing security guards to physically detain & frisk shoppers is not only expensive but, it is distasteful to the 99% genuine shoppers who are not thieves.The stores certainly do not want to alienate their honest customers by such crude methods of security.

  3. Retailers are presently using RFID tags mainly only for anti-theft purposes but now, many have started implementing smart RFID tags for item tracking, shelf replenishment, collecting info about buyer behavior and other such data.
  4. The collection of this data is possible not only by simple anti-theft tags but by more sophisticated data tags and the trend has already started, for it is now only a matter of time when the anti-theft and tracking capabillities will be available in a Tag.
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