Present Scenario

rfid secure

RFID anti-theft tags and systems were introduced about a decade back.Initially again, only jewelry shops, high end designer boutiques and similar “expensive goods” shops could justify the ROl.But now with falling prices of these systems coupled with rising costs of manpower, they are getting attractive and are now used in many of the large department stores, supermarkets and malls.

Their usage is growing day by day.In many supermarkets, the management relies on these systems rather than the surveillance cameras and security guards  to actually protect their merchandise. Of course! surveillance cameras are used  but mostly,  they are useful only after a theft has taken place.If a theft is noticed, then after the event, security personnel have to endure going through hours and hours of often grainy black & white camera footage from all the store cameras  trying to pick Out suspicious movements and suspected thieves.They would rather have a device which would alert them the very moment somebody tried to walk off with an item without paying for it.Is this possible? Of course it is possible! by using RFID technology.

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