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RFID Solution Of Anesthetic Dosages

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RFID for anesthesiaFor the dosages, the company eliminated the vials and came out with single use syringes preloaded with different dosages. Depending on the patient, the anesthetist had to choose which dosage would be most suitable and select the correct syringe accordingly.

To make the system fool proof, RFID technology was used.The RFID solution was to implant a multi-frequency magnetic resonance tag in the syringe itself,  the infusion machine has a pump which is equipped with a device that calculates the amount of anaesthetic to be administered and also has an inbuilt RFID reader.Once the anesthetist fills in the patient information, the system calculates which dosage would be right.The anesthetist then has to select the syringe with the correct amount of dosage in it. The reader accurately identifies the syringe and displays it,  in case the wrong syringe is loaded, the pump will not start and give Out a warning.Thus automatic identification of the drug ensures patient safety



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