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Future Scenarios Of Plane Spare Parts

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RFID future for Plane Spare PartsThe UK’s Royal Air Force has already started implementing an RFID based tracking system for the Jump Jets. In future the same system can be used by any airline or any air force for better inventory management.

Future Scenarios Of Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

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Future scenario of Real Time TrackingIt is utmost essential that personnel be located quickly in case of a disaster. In an infamous recent industrial accident, it was not known to the site management,how many own people were inside, how many contract workers were inside, whether they were safe, etc. It was a full two days before people were located. In view of these incidents, the authorities may make it mandatory to have such a system in place for all such high hazard facilities.

Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Advantages Of RFID Solution for retailingThe sales staff have instant access to all item data with the wand.
  2. The readers located around the store can identify shopping patterns (probably a more pleasant area of the store has more footfalls).
  3. Customers can be upsold with additional items smoothly e.g. a matching necklace that goes alongwith the scarf?Enormous amounts of customer behavioural data can be collected and acted upon.

Future Scenarios Of Underground Sewers

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Future Scenarios Of Underground SewersThis system is likely to be adopted by many other city & local government authorities as an effective way to monitor their sewer systems.



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Application & Solutions


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